Operational Review Case Studies

I was asked by a top Premiership Football Club to undertake an operational review of their catering service. This was driven by the need to recruit additional senior staff to maintain and improve standards in a 364 day a year operation. The club was running with such a tight  management team that the risk of one or two key individuals leaving could have a significant impact on the business. As part of the review, I spent time with senior staff understanding what they would do if more resources were available and how the business could grow further.


Having the experience of other large catering operations and with suporting benchmark data it was possible to put forward a clear case of how many additonal staff were required.


I was asked by the Aviva Stadium in Dublin to carry out an operating cost review to help them identify how the stadium could be operated more cost effectively on non event days .This involved reviewing how the stadium was sold on non event days, how the original design of the stadium had built in costs that were difficult to avoid and to identify what types of non event day business would generate the best return for the stadium.





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