Corporate Hospitality Case Study

Aberdeen are planning to relocate to a new stadium and as part of the design brief they asked me to develop a catering and commercial areas strategy. In the initial stage this involved understanding the requirements of corporate hospitality guests, identifying what each package would comprise, including the catering elements, and setting out a specification for the architects.


The research, which was carried out in conjunction with the local Chamber of Commerce, highlighted that there was a distinct group of corporate buyers who were not attending because the offer simply did not meet their needs. Traditionally the club had followed a pattern set by many clubs, which meant that the more exclusive the package the more catering that was offered, ranging from a two course carvery meal all the way to a five course meal with fine wines. While there were some corporates who liked the lavish nature of the premium offer, some said it simply did not fit with their lifestyle.


This research allowed me to develop a series of catering packages which had different back of house requirements. I was able to work with the architect to review the floorplan of the stadium and instead of having two large production kitchens, one at each end of the stand, we were able to reduce the requirement to one production kitchen and one satellite kitchen, allowing the space freed up to be used for additional revenue generating lounge space.


I then helped the club select the catering operator who was in turn responsible for the fit out of all the catering areas.


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